Ethiroli Tiny 16a


A breakthrough concept in Ultrasound technology, the Ethiroli Tiny 16a is a versatile color doppler ultrasound scanner that can function as either a trolley-based unit or as a handheld scanner. The design of the state of the art instrument was conceived in our development center at Coimbatore, where product quality and reliability was held at the highest standards.


2-5 MHz 64 element 60degree FOV convex array for abdomen and general scanning

5-10 MHz High frequency linear transducer for vascular

5-9 MHz TV transducer


Clinical Images

PWD Kidney

TVS (twin GS)

Cfm Carotic

Arterial Doppler

A three minute sample video recorded directly from Ethiroli can be downloaded from here

Report Page

Report pages are instrument generated and include measurements and images.

This increases throughput and reduces clerical errors associated with manual reporting methods.

A machine generated report in PDF format can be found here.

Screen Shots

Ethiroli sports multi document interface. Thus each organ can be scanned in a seperate window and reviewed together. The user interface is very intutive and helps to boots productivity.


System Configuration

  • Scanner Pack
  • Mobile Console on wheels
  • Laptop running Windoxs XP

System Dimensions

  • Scanner Pack: 300x250x32 mm (Bed for a 14.1 laptop)
  • Mobile: Console: 700mm (width) x 750mm (depth) x 1150 mm (height )

System Weight

  • Scanner Pack: 2.6Kg with battery
  • Mobile Console: ~50Kg

Power Supply

  • Mobile Configuration:
    220V AC. Inbuilt UPS with power backup for 15 minutes.
  • Hand Held Configuration:
    Mains Operation:

    100-240V AC external adapter for Scanner Pack.
    External Adapter for Laptop.
    Battery Operation:
    12V inbuilt NiMH smart battery pack for Scanner Pack. Run time approx 4 Hr in Doppler Modes. Simultaneous charge and scan possible. Charging in switch off mode possible.
    Separate Battery operation for Laptop

Display Dimensions

  • Mobile Configuration: 17 1024x768 VGA monitor at 85Hz refresh rate and 32bits per pixel.
  • Hand Held Configuration: 14.1 laptop TFT display.
    Ultrasound Image size free sizable


  • 3.5MHz 64 element 60degree FOV convex array.
  • Can support transducers up to 10MHz


Imaging Modes

  • B 256 grey shades, 4 variable transmit / receive focus, continuous dynamic aperture, 5 map curves, 4 frame averaging steps
  • B/M mode 8 vectors/second scroll type display
  • PWD 8 spectral lines/second moving bar display. PRF of upto 4Hz, 16 bit stereo audio output, B-update at 4Hz.
  • Power Doppler PRF from 1KHz to 4KHz, number of pulses 4 to 16, adjustable doppler gain, threshold, reject etc. Display frame rate of 8 to 30Hz. B update at 8Hz.
  • Directional Power Doppler similar to Power. Secondary gun (red or blue) is sign of velocity.
  • Colour Flow Velocity Doppler similar to power. Primary display is velocity. Secondary display is variance.

Image Storage

  • Complete patient data including all MDI windows with their cine frames.
  • All measurements and post processing on such dumped data possible while scanner is offline.


  • 64 frames in B, 32 in B/B, 16 sec in M-Mode, 16 sec in PWD, 64 frames in 2D Doppler
  • Each MDI Window has its own cine.
  • Switching between Power, Directional Power and Velocity modes on cine possible.


  • Complete patient data including cine using CD writer.
  • Archiving in open ".xml" formats


  • Mobile Console: Standard PC/AT keyboard, dedicated Ultrasound Keyboard with 20 keys including 4 user definable, 2 rotary knobs, six 40mm travel TGC pots, 2 trackball or mouse.
  • Hand Held Config.: Standard Laptop keyboard, dedicated ultrasound keyboard with 18 keys including 2 user defined, 2 rotary knobs, six 40mm travel TGC pots, 15mm trackball