Manufacturing Capacity

We are a NSIC & SSI certified manufacturing house (bearing No. NSIC/CBE/GP/249/2008-09 and 33 012 22 03081). Our facilities include:

PCB Assembly

v    Our assembly area is completed with antistatic setup.

v    We have Wave Soldering Machine.

v    Temperature Controlled baking oven for baking the PCBs.

v    We have Facility of programming of Micro Controller & Facility for testing PCB Assemblies.

v    Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine for uniform cleaning.

v    We have Temperature Controlled Soldering Irons.

v    Sufficient Storage for Keeping stocks

v    Separate Quality Control Department for 100% Inspection.

v    Efficient test Engineers. There has been nil rejection of PCB due to manufacturing uncorrectable errors. It is usually 2-5% in the industry based on the level of design expertise the manufacturer has on the product.

v    We have all necessary electronic test equipments ranging from Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Channel Checkers, Logic Analysers, Spectrum Analysers and automated test software for speedy testing of our PCBs

v    We are doing SMD Soldering using Screen Printer & Reflow Oven.

Sheet Metal Assembly Shop

v    We have 4 Nos. of WIM MIG Welding Machines

v    We have complete tools for fabrication of sheet metal parts including Press brake, Shears, Drilling and Tapping Machines.

v    We have high precision metrology instruments to manufacture components to 0.1mm tolerances for sheet metal parts

v    We have highly skilled mechanical engineers who are capable of delivering start of the art sheet metal components

v    We have enough experience in manufacture of elegant designer class as well as intricate mechanical part.

v    We are having different type of tools & fixtures to do different types of fabrications efficiently and precicely.

v    We have 25 HP Power Capacity.

Painting Shop

We have skilled painters who are capable of giving a aesthetic look to our products. We have complete paint shop will all modern equipments required for a state of the art paint shop.