Jan 5 2008
Ethiroli 16a is recognized and honored as an innovation in “Innovations 2008″ an event sponsored by IIT Bombay Alumini Association, Pune Chapter.

 Surabi is recognized for bring down the Doppler divide.

Prior to 2005 this is how the market looked like, There was the colour Doppler as high hanging fruits. At the entry level there was a class called B&W scanner.

A doppler divide existed.




Redifined Medical Ultrasound

And this is how the market looks like after our innovation. There is no more anything called B&W. We changed the definition of medical ultrasound. Doppler has been made a basic option for medical ultrasound.



 We leveraged the PC and rode on the rapidly moving IT wave. We exploited developments like SSE2, USB 2.0, increasing processing power and RAM speed to be an early bird to come up with a colour Doppler ultrasound scanner to market in Dec 2004.

Technology Highlights:

  • Design on Windows XP OS on Intel Processor supporting SSE2 instructions.
  • USB bus to move data from beamformer to PC
  • Use of cutting edge DSP, FPGA, USB controller, microcontrollers for hardware processing, to minimise power consumption and size
  • Use latest analog components for good signal to noise performance

 Design Highlights:

  • Four multilayer PCB’s with 1410 components of 168 types
  • USB device driver streaming data at 24MB/s
  • Assembly optimized ultrasound algorithms – running on entry level processors
  • Intutive GUI
  • Design using FPGA, DSP, uC, Analog electronics
  • Mechanical design