Realtime 3D

Real time free hand 3D Scan


System requirements

  1. Real time free hand 3D scan is supported in all probes.
  2. Install nVidia display card with minimum 256MB video memory. Recommended series is GeForce
  3. Install VC 2005 runtime executable (“VC Runtime vcredist_x86.exe”).
  4. Install Ethiroli software 3.2j – Beta or later (“Update Ethiroli 3.2j Beta” or later)

Scanning Procedure

To get a good baby face image, scan in the 2nd trimester when there is good fluid. Baby position with face anterior is best suited.


  1. In B-mode press C key to enter into 4D-mode (Mid Sweep Plane)
  2. Take a mid-line sagital section of fetal head
  3. Press x key to move the top-plane down. Press X to move top-plane up. In this way remove the near field skin and uterus wall echoes for the desired volume. Bring down the top-plane as near as possible to baby face.
  4. Press C key again to enter in 4D-mode (Volume)
  5. The baby face is rendered and displayed in real time. Rhythmically tilt the probe too and fro synchronizing with the rendered frame. By trial and error adjust to get a good image of baby face. Adjust the gain knob if required.. Then freeze.
  6. To change the view perspective press the following keys

x/X – rotate view along azimuth (volume) direction
y/Y – rotate view along axial direction
g/G – rotate view along  lateral axis
Press Freeze key to stop acquisition. View can be rotated in frozen mode too.
To revert back to B-mode press un-freeze and press B key
To revert back to 3D-mode (Mid Sweep Plane) press C key



A video file demonstrating 3D can be downloaded here Free Hand Real time 3D procedure